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Palisade fencing is a simple concept consisting of the following components.

  1. The post. (this is usually installed at 3m intervals to hold the fence up)
  2. The post cap (This is a ultraviolet stabilised ABS plastic injection moulded product)
  3. The cross-members. Sometimes referred to as the rails. (There are two of these and they span from one post to the other)
  4. The pales. (these are the vertical bars with the spike on the tops)
  5. Anti-sag (this supports the centre of the panel)
  6. The nuts and bolts. (These are cup square bolts and shear off anti vandal nuts)
Palisade Kloof 014

Palisade fencing comes in two systems.

  1. Welded panels. These panels are pre-assembled in the factory.
  2. Bolt on panels. This system is assembled on site with bolts and shear off anti vandal nuts.

Welded panels

  1. These panels are harder to transport.
  2. This system leaves openings in the one corner when installed on inclines.
  3. This system also requires a wraparound bent up bracket for assembly on site. These brackets come in three types, namely intermediate, corner and end.
  4. The posts are supplied blank.
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More About Galvanizing

How galvanizing works

Galvanizing steel is a cathodic protection system as well as a direct barrier to its immediate atmospheric conditions. Cathodic protection is used in corrosive conditions in order to protect the surface of the parent metal. This is achieved by sacrificing atoms of a more reactive metal than the parent metal itself.

The galvanizing process

  1. De-greasing – This is to remove all oily residues from the surface of the steel.
  2. Rinse – Fresh water
  3. Acid dip – A heated 9% sulphuric acid (H2SO4) solution is used for the removal of all the mill scale, surface rust and other impurities.
  4. Rinse – Fresh water
  5. Fluxing – This solution ammonium chloride (NH4CL) ensures that the zinc adheres to the surface of the steel before the galvanic process starts.
  6. Zinc bath – The steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc at a temperature in excess of 460 degrees. This starts the galvanic process. This allows an atom swop at the surface of the steel and ensures the bond at a molecular level between the steel and the zinc.
  7. Passivating – The galvanised steel is dipped into a chromate solution which seals the zinc surface temporarily. This process also assists in cooling down process.

Painting galvanized steel before the oxidation process starts.

In order to paint galvanized steel correctly, it is necessary to de-grease and then sweep blast the surface to remove 10 microns of zinc using an aluminium oxide abrasive medium. The use of a high quality duplex painting system must then be applied.  Duplex painting systems are two pack systems consisting of a primer with a hardener and a topcoat with a hardener. It is advised to consult with professional coating specialist.

Painting galvanized steel after the natural life cycle of galvanizing.

After approximately 1 year it is possible to paint galvanized steel without any special washing treatments. The removal of all oily residues dust and dirt is all that is required before painting. A good quality acrylic roof type paint is advised due to its excellent ultra violet resistance. (UV stable) Its always advised to speak to a paint professional before.

Powder coating galvanized steel.

The utilisation of an electro static coating process to paint galvanized steel has not been very successful, this is due to the use of acid baths to etch the surface which causes gassing when placed in the curing oven.

The life cycle of galvanizing

Once the zinc has been applied to the steel the zinc surface changes three more times once exposed to the environment.

Zinc (Zn)


Zinc oxide (ZnO)


Zinc hydroxide( Zn(OH)2 )

Zinc carbonate (ZnCO3)

Our Guarantee

RAPTOR products have a ten year workmanship and corrosion guarantee.