About Us - Raptor Manufacturing
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About Us

Where are we:

Raptor Manufacturing is situated in the heart of Pinetown’s industrial community, some 20km outside the Port of Durban, KZN, South Africa.

Who we are:

We are a mass production facility, geared to supply palisade security fencing and related products, to the World market.


Why we believe Raptor is the BEST CHOICE

  1. ck_best-choice-badgeBest customer experience. (The customer is king)
  2. Our products are backed by a no-nonsense written guarantee.
  3. We can accommodate all aspects of the palisade fencing industry.
  4. All installations will be to your satisfaction. (The customer is king)
  5. All products are hot dip galvanized by Durban Galvanizing (The best in Kwazulu Natal.)
  6. We have the best team in both sales and manufacturing. (We as a team are proud and believe in our products)
  7. Raptor is innovative and constantly strives to improve the quality of our security products.
  8. We believe that our system is better and stronger with the use of welded lugs, anti-crush buttons and anti-drop plates.
  9. More aesthetically pleasing all-round finished product.
  10. Due to our mass production facility we have been able to keep prices low.

Our Code of Conduct

Quality guaranteed!!!

Raptor Manufacturing will consistently strive to maintain the high quality products everyone is so accustomed to, in both the manufacturing process as well as the installation, through comprehensive and efficient quality control systems.

Supervision rules!!!

All staff work below trained supervisors to deliver consistent quality and reliability.

Communication is key!!!

All clients will be contacted timeously regards to orders if there are any unforeseen changes in the manufacturing or installation process.

Responsiveness a 24 hour plan!!!

All enquiries are addressed within 24 hours and all installation quotes will be addressed within 24 hours of a site visit.

Innovation equals answers!!!

Raptor has addressed other areas of the palisade fencing industry which include specifications for Portnet fencing, Eskom and communication networks such as Vodacom, V Mobile, Econet etc.

After sales service is peace of mind!!!

Raptor will honour its guarantees along with maintaining contact with its clients for years to come.

Pride is what drives us!!!

Raptor Manufacturing and its staff are driven by the company vision and are proud to be the manufacturers of the best quality palisade fencing money can buy.

Our company culture

Collectively we will support and assist each other in and around the work place.   Uphold and obey the rules of our company at all times.   Listen and follow instructions layed out, always willing to ask whenever there is any doubt.   Take ownership and full responsibility for our actions.   Uplift and support all those less fortunate than us.   Respect each other.   Educate and enrich each other.